Interview Tips

Competition for jobs on todays market can often be stiff and sometimes it will come down to the smallest things and these can be the defining factor whether you get the job or not.

The basic steps below will help aid you to be fully prepared for your next interview and make you standout above the rest.

Pre Interview Preparation
It is essential that you do your research on the company you are interviewing for. Knowing the basics will impress the interviewers and underline both your enthusiasm and your initiative. Read up on relevant technologies that you may have not worked with before that will be applicable for the position.

Even those that are brimming with confidence feel slightly nervous on the day of an interview – particularly if they really want the job they are interviewing for! Taking away as much of the pressure from yourself will leave you more relaxed when you meet the client.

Make sure you have planned the route of your destination and that you have left enough time to get there. Read through your CV so you know it inside out and prepare questions for the client before you attend your interview.

First Impressions Count
Studies have shown that 4 minutes is all it takes for lasting impressions to be made. It is essential that you’re well-presented, looking smart, have a firm strong handshake and your body language is confident and relaxed.

The Interview
Each and every interview will be different but if you make sure you are prepared and organised you will be fine.

Eye contact is the most remembered element in forming an impression of someone. Try to sustain direct eye contact with the interviewer but be sure not to make it too intense as the interviewer may be uncomfortable with this.

Be yourself, speak clearly, be honest and everything else will fall into place. Remember this is the time to sell yourself and land that dream job you have always wanted.